Sunday, August 4, 2019

Never was a cool kid

After a long absence from my blog, I pretty much forgot that this was still here.  I just kind of stumbled across a link on my laptop that I hadn't seen in awhile and went in for a look.  After I posted I went about researching where everyone who used to blog and create pixel sigs and cute animated gifs had gone.  I found out that blogging is a bust and no one is doing it anymore.  In its place are foodies and DIYers filling their websites with info and how to do this or bake that and in return are sponsored or funded.  It made me sad to think I had missed out on the knowledge of where all those wonderful creative ladies had gone after leaving their websites and forums that once were full of beautiful graphics and doll bases and primitive country gifs that were shared and happily gifted to others.
So blogging is a thing of the past now and yet here I am typing out my thoughts and sharing with an internet full of people who will never see it and that's okay because I don't do it for them or the sponsors or the accolades of an adoring social media hype.  I am here because to me some things should never change, blogging is still me and if I only do it for myself and to use the lovely sig tags that I have gathered over the years as gifts from creative beautiful people, then that is enough.


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