Saturday, June 25, 2016

Photography newbies

Greg and I finally managed to agree to purchase a better camera for the family.  Our daughter has been showing interest in photography and we thought now was as good a time as any to see where this will take us.  So far we have taken lots of photos of both kids playing soccer and a few nature shots.  All in all I am pretty pleased with our new camera.  Easy to use and easy to download onto the laptop.  It's a Canon Rebel t5i 

 I'm amazed at how well it does with action shots too, guess I was fooling myself for all these years thinking that my iPhone pictures were good enough...

Cleaning House book review

I was supposed to have reviewed this book quite awhile ago but somehow it got pushed off to the side and piled under life and ultimately sat forgotten for far too long.  So at long last here is my review:

The idea behind the book interested me, taking a year to teach your children how to do chores and in turn learn to help others rather than doing everything only for your benefit.
Not exactly sure if I agreed with this author's view on exactly every point she touched on but I did appreciate her lessons on life that she was trying to teach her children.

I also picked up some good techniques to use in my own home such as the chore charts.  Anytime we can teach our children to be responsible human beings through love and worship I am on board.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A new home

Starting out fresh in a new web home.

Decided to try my hand at testing and reviewing recipes as I try them not just from Pinterest but also beyond plus add my book reviews too.

I haven't blogged since the early 2000's so lets see how it goes...

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