Thursday, July 28, 2016

Craft Bug

There was a time many moons ago when I was a certifiable craftaholic.  I tried my hand at pretty much everything I could and especially the ones my friends were doing.  So the spectrum was wide and all encompassing, unfortunately I wasn't exactly gifted at really any of it.  I did however really take a liking to woodworking and folk art painting on wood pieces.  I spent lots of time and money buying crafty books, acrylic paints and pre-cut pieces to decorate and hang around the house but all that came to a smashing stop once I started having children.  Crafting took a backseat to baby time and stayed in the backseat, firmly locked in and soundly sleeping, until just recently.  Now that my kids are 15 & 13 I am feeling that old pull of wanting to create again, to pull out that tote full of paints and brushes, crafty books and long forgotten patterns and see where things go.

I am sadly behind the times with all the modern moms and their own domain name crafty/foodie/do everything websites but I figure its time for me to enter back into the big bad internet world and learn a few new tricks.  I am drawn to all the wonderful sites out there with scores and scores of recipes/crafts and diy ideas, I could and do lose hours sitting in front of my monitor oohing and awwing at all the creativity that is shared so freely and that is when I think to myself "she made that look so easy even I could do it".  And so here I sit trying to creatively blog out my thoughts and hope that one day I too will inspire other surfers to say "if she can do that so can I".


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